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Holistic Intake (new health coaching clients)…………………………….$150

In this 90-minute session, we look at the whole picture of your health – what symptoms you’re experiencing, what you’ve already tried, what your goals are – so that I can zero in on which changes will really get you feeling better in a sustainable way. This session makes all the difference in getting to the bottom of your health struggles. Subsequent check in session are $65 per hour or $35 per half hour. 

Schedule Holistic Intake Here


Mental Health Counseling Initial Consult…………………………………….$75           Schedule Counseling Consult Here


Health Breakthrough Session (one month of support)…………………$199          Learn More Here


School of Self Care

Local Little Rock Class: Self Care for Mamas…………………………………$10 per class            Register Here

Classes happen at Balanced Mama on the First Thursday of the month at 8 pm. 

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My commitments to you:

  • I will always provide FREE quality information, low-priced group support, as well as reasonably-priced private coaching. I want natural healing to be accessible to people at all income levels.
  • I will not try to sell you specific supplements. I may, at times, tell you what to look for in choosing a brand, but I don’t endorse particular supplement companies. I may also do giveaways of products we like but have no monetary affiliation with.
  • I am not a doctor, and I will not try to be one for you. This site is about information, insights, and support. I focus on empowering you to know yourself, know your options, and make good choices for your health.
  • I will offer you the best information and support I can based on the wisdom, experience, and training I have had up to this point. If your health needs are more serious than I am able to give support for, I will refer you to practitioners more equipped to support you.

At Sweet Water Offering, we serve primarily…
  • Women who have symptoms of anxiety, depression, and or past trauma and want a holistic approach to mental health and emotional healing.
  • Women who have a health issue they can’t seem to get past, like acne, low energy, digestive issues, or headaches. They’re looking for a holistic practitioner who “gets it” and is willing to dig deeper into what’s really going on so that they can finally get better.
  • Families who have children with chronic health concerns or inexplicable behavior & emotional concerns and who want to address the issues by natural means (including dietary, lifestyle, and environmental changes).

Disclaimer: All information provided will be intended for educational uses only, and is not to be taken as medical advice. We are fellow travelers on this journey of health. We are here to support you through education and support groups. We are not doctors, and we are not trying to take on that role. It is always important that you consult your health care professional before making major dietary changes and before using herbs or natural remedies, in the case that it may do harm to your body or conflict with medication.