Hi. I’m Candace from Sweet Water Offering, and I’d like to challenge you to ONE WEEK of good self care. Let’s break the burn-out cycle and live life refreshed!

SELF-CARE. It’s something we all know we need to do, but so few of us actually do it! When I say the words “self-care, “ many women groan knowingly and their faces wince into an expression that says – “I know I need it –  but I just don’t have time for it.”

Let’s face it, so many of us find ourselves overworked and out of time. After long days on our feet meeting the needs around us with a smile, We often plop down at the end of the day, too tired for true self care. We exchange true nurturing experiences for facebook and chocolate.

Maybe you can relate to this picture – I know I have noticed this cycle in my life many times. But, isn’t this just the life of a mom or a busy professional? Is there any way to do things differently? And, What are the signs that you are burning out? What patterns or behaviors can you see in your life and KNOW it’s time to do some self-care.

Well, let me give you seven signs:

1.     You find yourself comparing your situation to others and feeling like they all “have it easier” than you.

2.     You are caught in comparing how much you do around the house to how much your spouse or roommates are doing.

3.     When you have a chance to stop for a moment, a feeling of sadness or being trapped sweeps over you.

4.     You find yourself in a pattern of just trying to get things done instead of actually enjoying doing them.

5.     You get short-tempered with those you want to love and serve most – even to the point of resenting them.

6.     You are having regular emotional outbursts or break-downs after long stretches of “keeping it all together.”

7.     Every few minutes, you look for a way to “escape” for a moment – checking your phone or computer or eating a sugary treat.


Does any of this sound familiar? If so, what are our options? How do we nurture our bodies, minds, and spirits so that we don’t find ourselves burned out and breaking down? Whether we are going through a major crisis or simply dealing with the day-to-day, taking care of ourselves is essential to being able to make solid decisions and have healthy relationships – at work, in our marriages, as parents, and in every realm of our lives.

Just to clarify – I’m not talking about mani’s and pedi’s or expensive getaways – I’m talking about simple, inexpensive or even free ways that you can know yourself, nourish yourself, and connect deeply – so that you are better able to love and serve those around you. This is a holistic approach to self-care – we’ll take time for your WHOLE self – body, mind, and spirit.

The One Week Self-Care Challenge will provide you with encouragement and accountability first and foremost. In addition, you will receive daily simple self-care challenges, helpful printables, and reflection questions to help promote break-throughs and deep change.

I invite you to join me for this FREE one-week self-care challenge! Let’s break the burn-out cycle, feel refreshed, and live life more intentionally and joyfully!


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When you take the Self-Care Challenge, you’ll receive…

  • Daily, short video challenges.
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  • Reflection sheets to help you look deeper into the way you treat yourself.
  • Accountability through daily e-mails and encouragements for the seven days.
  • A link to your Self-Care Challenge support page.


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