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Haha. No, I’m NOT.

(Stop thinking I am.)

Sometimes I get the feeling that people think I’m judging them based on how healthy they’re eating. They look a little sheepish to be eating sugary or junky foods in front of me.

First, let’s get one thing out of the way: my family eats stuff like that, too…not all the time, but it DOES happen. Want some proof?

Our youngest eating apple pie.
2014-06-29 17.14.56
My one year old eating frozen custard…
Our middle child eating a croissant sandwich (shaped like a crab).

(Just as a side note: on a recent trip to Chicago some one on this very list witnessed one of my children have the ingenuity to make a “pretzel sandwich” out of just pretzels and bread. AND, as I recall, there was also a major breakdown on the part of my children after being given only small portions of some free doughnuts…so, yeah…we are not a perfectly healthy, totally gluten-free family all the time. Just wanted you to know…)

We’re all making decisions based on what we know and understand. Taking into account our different backgrounds, our life experiences, our personal struggles and limitations, we’re all just doing the best we can.

You don’t know why I choose to let my kids have the store-bought birthday cake at one birthday party and then hold the line about sweets at a different event. I don’t know why you choose to buy the kind of milk you do or the certain snacks you give your kids.


There are all sorts of factors to consider besides just how healthy the food is, and I KNOW that. There are busy schedules, emotional factors, battles to choose and those to let slide, differences of opinion between the adults in the house, financial choices, etc.

My goal on this site is to provide you all the information you need to choose what’s healthy for you and your family. Did you know that, even with the same information, we’ll end up with really different meals and snacks that work well for us? It’s true! We are different people with different needs and different preferences and even different foods that are optimal for our health. Judgment simply makes no sense AND adds to the stress cycle we’re trying so hard to get out of!

And MORE than that, this business is about helping you feel SUPPORTED in your health. This place is a place for resources and hope and connection. I want you to be able to be HONEST about your health choices, because “hiding” from judgment will only put us in denial of our habits and block us from the healing that can only come when we’re authentic.

So, go ahead and finish your doughnut. I’m not judging you. However, if you decide to work with me and you decide to cut out sugar…you better believe I’m gonna ask you about it at our check-in session (lovingly, of course). 😉

My name is Candace McCallister. I am the founder of Sweet Water Offering, a holistic health enterprise to support women and families to heal naturally. My background is in biology, counseling, bodywork, and nutrition. My husband and I are helping to start an intentional Christian community in Little Rock, AR. We have three lively and beautiful children.

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