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Connect {Come Back to Center Day 3/5}

This is the third day of our 5 Day Instagram Challenge! If you haven’t already, you can join the challenge by following us on Instagram or by joining the Sweet Water Sisterhood Facebook group.

Today your challenge is to CONNECT with some one you love who encourages, comforts, or energizes you. 

Back when I was in counseling school, we talked often about how a trusting relationship usually makes more difference than any specific technique or counseling approach. After studying counseling for three years during Masters program, I concluded that having healthy relationships and a solid support system of friends, family, and community was the top priority in mental well-being.

These days, I get really excited about how food, sleep, imbalances in our hormones, blood sugar, and a hundred other things affect our moods and our ability to cope with life. But, when you get down to it, trusting and supportive relationships still move the needle more than just about anything else. 

Today, make connection a priority. Dedicate at least 30 minutes to connecting with some one you trust and find supportive. Here are some ideas of ways to do that:

  • Call and talk to a friend or family member on the phone.
  • Go for a walk with your spouse or a friend (don’t hesitate to ask a neighbor to watch your kids for half an hour so that you can do this!).
  • Take a lunch break and eat with a friend or family member.
  • If you and your friend both have kids, meet at a park so that you can talk while the kids play.
  • Bring your awareness to an interaction that comes up today – whether planned or unexpected. Choose to be present and connect rather than just thinking about your to-do list or talking about logistics. 
  • Find more inspiration on our Pinterest page.

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Need More Support?

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My name is Candace McCallister. I am the founder of Sweet Water Offering, a holistic health enterprise to support women and families to heal naturally. My background is in biology, counseling, bodywork, and nutrition. My husband and I are helping to start an intentional Christian community in Little Rock, AR. We have three lively and beautiful children.