Love from past clients…

Linda IrvinCandace has been a tremendously helpful health coach and guide. She is attentive and interested.  She did diagnostic testing to discern the causes of my fatigue and provided creative solutions and supplements.  Candace is affordable and passionate about what she does.  In another life she would be an over priced physician or nutritionist and who knows maybe some day she still will be.  I recommend her highly for nutrition and all purpose health advice.  She is really smart.   -Linda Hoff Irvin, Evanston


I’ve had 2 sessions now with Candace and they have been amazing. She is incredibly skilled, and her approach is gentle and sensitive. She really zones in quickly on the spots that need the most healing while treating the entire body at the same time. I used to get occasional Swedish massages, and this is very different. It goes much deeper and is more holistic and integrated. I will never go back to ‘regular’ massage again!  – Judy, Evanston

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Candace gave me a Thai massage about a year ago, and I still can remember how great it was! It was different than any other massage I had gotten before – kept all my clothes on. She was very responsive and wanted to know exactly which spots were holding tension. I can still recall that she found tender areas that I didn’t know were there and she helped ease and release tension in those spots. Can’t wait to book my next massage with Candace!  – Martha Blackburn, St. Louis

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 3.56.37 PMBecause a new job was causing me added stress, I was having a lot of neck and shoulder stiffness and pain.  Candace’s knowledgeable and thorough treatment of the muscle areas that were contributing to the problem was exactly what I needed and alleviated my symptoms immediately.  I can not express how much of a difference this has made to my physical well-being and my outlook on life after the pain subsided.  Candace is very attuned to each of her clients and adjusts the level of therapy she’s administering based on the feedback she receives from the clients.  She takes her time and does a complete job every time with utmost patience for the whole process.  At the end of every session I’ve received from Candace, I feel calm, totally relaxed, limber, and revitalized.  -Jenni Dean, Lubbock


As a physical therapist, I appreciate talking with Candace about muscle pain and the benefits of bodywork; but even more so IScreen Shot 2016-03-01 at 3.58.43 PM appreciate receiving one of Candace’s bodywork sessions.  Candace is professional, relational, peaceful, and skillful.  She finds the aches I didn’t even know were there.  At the end of a session with her, I feel like I’ve been well cared for physically and emotionally.  -Kristin Ross, Evanston


Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 4.13.12 PMCandace’s Thai messages are amazing!  I have had her massages both as a pregnant woman with a sore back and as a new mom with tired arms and back from nursing, and both times she was able to identify the point of the pain and work out the knots.  Candace is a calming presence and she creates an atmosphere that truly helps me relax.   -Mallary Wiley, Lexington

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Candace gives the best Thai massages, and I’ve been to Thailand and had actual Thai Massages there! I always feel amazing afterwards, all my pain having left me and feeling entirely relaxed. I highly recommend anyone in the area to visit her. She skillfully addresses the painful area(s) and resolves my pain every time. -Rachel Dvorak, Danville


As a mother of children with gut issues, I am grateful for Candace’s wealth of knowledge in nutrition.  Many times she has given me good insights, recipes, and encouragement.  I know I can trust Candace’s advice. – Kristin Ross, Evanston


Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 4.07.04 PMAs a Registered Nurse I am aware of the lack of focus of nutrition in the medical world and am interested in the healing that good food brings. Candace introduced me to Weston A. Price’s principles of nutrition. Food can be a sensitive issue but Candace shares her advice and knowledge in a helpful,gentle way. I felt empowered to experiment with changes at my own pace and ultimately had confidence that I found the right diet for during pregnancy, birth, and now breast feeding. – Kate Bierma Marshak, Evanston