Let’s Cook Together: A Healthy Cooking Class for Kids and Their Parents- Online

You want the best for your children.

You may be aware that in today’s world with the plethora of processed food it is becoming more and more difficult for kids to eat healthy. You may also already know that because of this, childhood diseases are on the rise including obesity and diabetes. It is believed that today’s young people are living in the first generation where life expectancy will drop. Your child does not have to fit into these statistics.

It can be confusing knowing what is truly healthy, there is a lot of conflicting information out there. Not only that, but how do you get your kids to even try new foods and have an open mind to healthy recipes?

According to a study done by the University of Alberta,

The best way to get your child to eat healthier foods- and actually

enjoy them- is to have them help with meal preparation.”

That is why I have created Let’s Cook Together: A Healthy Cooking Class for Kids and Their Parents. During our time together you and your child will learn basic cooking techniques as well as nutrition. This class has already been offered locally and is now adapted into an online course so that you can join in the fun as well. It does not matter if you or your child have ever cooked or not. We will be starting from the ground floor learning kitchen skills and safety.

Let’s Cook Together is based on the 4 nutrition cornerstones that I believe are crucial for all people regardless of their diet preferences or lifestyle. During the course we will discuss each of these 4 cornerstones and learn recipes that will teach you and your child how to adapt them into your lives.

What Parents are Saying about this Class:

“I would recommend this class to anyone, especially those that have picky eaters. We learned that trying new things isn’t bad. Healthy can be delicious!”

“We had a great experience, one we’ll never forget! It was nice to make some good memories with my child.”

“I learned my child can actually safely do more in the kitchen that I thought.”

What to Expect:

As a part of this class you will be a member of a private Facebook group. This group will consist of other families who are in the same position as you. They want to teach their children basic kitchen and nutrition skills.

You will be able to connect with one another. The page will be used for you to share struggles and tips for eating healthy with children and busy schedules.

You child will be able to post pictures of the recipes they make and other new foods they try during the week. This will give them a sense of accomplishment and excitement about their kitchen skills and eating new things. Plus, they will also see other children eating a variety of healthy foods, which can encourage them to do the same.

So You Want To Be A Part of the Class:

Let’s Cook Together is a four week course starting May 8th and includes:

  • Instructional cooking videos, recipes, and shopping lists for each week. You will be free to watch the videos and prepare the recipes anytime during the week that works best for your family. (View a list of Kitchen Equipment used during class.)

  • Membership into the private Let’s Cook Together Facebook group.

  • Cooking Q&A time with Katie every Thursday evening from 6:30- 8:00.

  • Additional information about how to naturally address health issues that you or your child are facing.

  • Optional 15 minute free consultation with Katie to discuss concerns and possibilities for your next step towards optimal health.

As Jamie Oliver, British celebrity chef puts it, “Cooking together is such a joy… and it’s also one of the main reasons why some children have a wider variety of foods in their diets. Cooking with kids is fun. And more importantly, it’s likely to help them towards living long and healthy lives.”

So gather up your kids in the kitchen and Let’s Cook Together!

Visit our Calendar of Events to sign up today.

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