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    Lotsa News: Cancer, New Rates, and General Updates

    It’s Been Awhile. I have been silent in this space for quite awhile now. I have been busy doing the work I love – supporting women and families in healing naturally. Last summer, I got a sunny third floor office (see pics below) in the church where I work part time managing a farm food distribution. I absolutely love the space. It’s perfect for what I need, and it’s meant that more than half of my current clients are in person (instead of via phone/Skype). Tracking with so many clients has meant less time to write. But, I love writing and hope to be able to write more very soon. ++++++++++++++++ On…

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    My Thoughts on Having a Cell Phone

    About a year ago, I got a cell phone for the first time in my life. I’m not sure how I succeeded at steering clear of them for so many years or even why it felt so important to me, though my list of reasons was long and surely not unfounded. I am a person who feels strongly about certain things and can grip onto a stance and not let go. Mostly, that quality has been a good thing, but sometimes it gets petty and perfectionistic and more harmful than good. I think this particular issue reached the point where I was digging my heals in, squeezing my eyes shut,…

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    A Fresh Start

    The calendar year gives us several good opportunities for fresh starts…New Years Day, birthdays, anniversaries. Like many of you, this fresh start for me comes at the beginning of the school year. During the summer, my house was filled with laughter, forts, projects, and (generally speaking)…messes. Not to mention, that we had a LOT of travel over the summer. Though I miss all the sweet family time, I’m thankful for the peace and brain space that come with the rhythms of the school year.  This week, I have taken some extra space to reflect, pray, and plan. Sometimes it can feel extravagant to take time for things like this when everyone we know…

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    Five Allergy Busters

    Spring is in the air… …which means pollen is in the air! That’s right, it is allergy season again. As the world is waking up from its winter slumber many of us want to be able to go out and enjoy the warmer weather. Unfortunately, the budding plants outside may be keeping many folks indoors.

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    House of Welcome & Peace: February

    by Candace McCallister One of my goals for 2016 has been to transform our home into a place of peace for our family and into a welcoming place for guests. If you want to get caught up, check out these past posts: My Goals for 2016 and House of Welcome & Peace: January. In the January post, I explained how my wonderful designer mother helped me come up with a plan for making a garage apartment into a more beautiful and versatile space. This month, my husband and I focused on putting that plan into action. I posted a few “in process” pictures last month, but in February we were able…

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    My Cooking Secret

    by Candace I didn’t learn to cook until some time after I got married. I wanted to do other things in life, and spending time in the kitchen seemed like wasting time on something that didn’t matter. At some point, I realized that cooking DID matter to me on just about every level: my own health, my family’s health, loving others in a tangible way, being creative, simplifying life, reducing spending, growing my own food, bringing production back into the home, and advocating for justice through my food choices – I could go on and on. All that to say, it took me a little time to actually get good…

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    What’s Going On with My Kid?

    by Candace Imagine this said with knitted brows, worried eyes, and a tone of desperation. That’s the way I mean it here. This post is for you if you know this feeling – the feeling of deep concern in relation to ongoing health concerns or around how your child is behaving or expressing emotion. Being a parent is hard on so many levels – from the early days of sleepless nights, breastfeeding challenges, and adjusting to life with a baby…to making decisions about discipline and schooling…to teaching your child what’s most important in life (like faith, responsibility, forgiveness, kindness). All of this is hard no matter what your child is…

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    House of Welcome and Peace: January

    About a month ago, I posted about my New Years Resolutions. I told you all about how my first resolution has to do with moving into a new season with Sweet Water Offering. Then, I told you about my second resolution: I want to make our home a welcoming place and a place of peace. As I mentioned, several books and friends inspired me to begin this process, and it is a deeper endeavor than simply decorating our home and keeping it clean. I promised monthly updates, and (though I’m a bit late) here’s the first one…