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    Where Do We Go From Here?

    This month marks the end of one of the most intense years I can remember. I am planning to take two weeks off over the holidays to reflect and regroup. I also intend to make an epic list of every intense moment I can remember from this year. Maybe I will tuck the list away in a journal or maybe I will burn it. I’m not sure how this all plays out, yet.   This has been a year when I’ve had to let go of control. I’ve had to let things be what they are. I’ve had to watch myself fail and not live up to my own standards.…

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    A Simple Strategy for Change

    An almost-teenager waking with nightmares every night… Allergy symptoms that reappear after many months of reprieve… Sudden and dramatic anger outbursts over small things… A mouth sore that makes eating and talking a little painful… These have all come up in our little family in the past few months. I’m sure you could make a list of your own. Life gives us new challenges fairly frequently. Re-Learning How to Respond It’s easy enough to revert to the solutions that our parents used or that we have become culturally schooled in or that we are just used to. There are over-the-counter medicines for just about everything. For many of us, these…

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    Thoughts on My Youngest Starting Kindergarten

    This has been a rough week. It’s hard for me to write anything after a week like this. I simply feel drained. Exhausted to my bones. Sleep seems like a better option, but I’m committed to the discipline of writing, so here I am.   Here’s the thing beneath the surface of a busy and transitional week…   This week I watched the most joyful, hilarious, little ball of life I know fade and flicker. My five year old came home sad every day after kindergarten.

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    Dairy Free and Grain Free “Cheesy” Rolls

    When I was a kid, I loved cheesy breadsticks. I liked them more than pizza, actually, because I didn’t like tomato sauce until I was in my late twenties. I was very picky back then, and I attribute some of that to mineral deficiencies. As I learned about nutrition and traditional culture in my late twenties, I began to add in foods I hadn’t eaten my whole life. Within months, most of my pickiness was gone (though there are still a few hold-outs – namely, mustard, stewed tomatoes, and hot dogs). – Through those picky years, cheese and bread were definite comfort foods for me – especially, fresh, warm cheesy bread…

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    Heart of the Matter Sessions

    Symptoms of Something Below the Surface The woman in her twenties who has recurrent yeast infections and wants to know about how to do a Candida diet…she is also really struggling in her marriage – doesn’t feel loved or connected to her spouse. The mom with young children who cannot seem to drop the baby weight, is often bloated, and has sugar cravings…she is also working a stressful job, has very little energy, and is haunted by a traumatic event that happened a few years ago. The woman in her forties who is struggling with multiple hormone imbalances resulting in multiple surgeries and medications…deep down she feels disappointment about her…

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    Self Care While Your Kids Are Sick (or during other unexpectedly hard weeks)

    On Sunday evening, we were having a lovely meal and game night with one of our favorite families. They had invited us to come over a couple of times over the past month, but it hadn’t worked out for various reasons. I was so happy that we were finally having this fun evening together, when my 5-year old walked up to me and whispered, “My tummy hurts. I think I might throw up.” Of course, we made it only halfway to the bathroom before his dinner came up all over the shiny hardwood floors (so very happy it wasn’t carpet, though!). That was how my week started. The night that…

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    One Reason I Talk So Much About Self Care

    I see self care as the beginning of becoming your own health advocate and of trusting your own body’s ability to heal. I am a believer in natural health approaches, in integrative treatment, and in the ability of the body to heal itself given holistic support. I have seen real change and healing in myself, in my clients, and in my family through these natural means.   But, there is a real shift that is necessary in order to walk that path. That shift has less to do with which practitioners you see and what information you read (though that is part of the picture), and more to do with…

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    What Cooking With my Kids Has Meant To Me

      As a child and a teenager, I wasn’t very keen on cooking. I thought of myself as “above” that in some way. I excelled at math and science and planned to have an important job and leave the cooking to other people. Truthfully, I never felt drawn to the homemaking arts at all, and I considered myself to be not very good at them. I lived in my head and had little time for wiping down counters, unloading dishwashers, or helping get dinner on the table. It all seemed unimportant and uninspiring.   It’s funny how much things have changed for me.   Though I did graduate with a…

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    Self Care for Menstrual Cramp Pain

    Did you know that tight points in your muscles (trigger points) could be the cause of your menstrual cramp pain? Today, I’m giving you my best self care techniques to help you be free of pain during your periods! These techniques give me relief almost immediately and a few times working on them can even last through several cycles! I’d love to hear from you if you try it. Did you find it easy to find the points? Did you notice a difference? Note: There’s one correction on the video. When I go to the floor, the first step is to warm up the whole abdominal area. Then, I work the abdominal…

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    Books that Have Been Good for My Mental Health Lately

    I love to read. And – an odd little secret about me – I love to read out loud. I started reading my textbooks and literature out loud in middle and high school, when my baby sister (10 years younger) would happily sit and listen. I soon realized I remembered everything so much better when I read out loud and that it was way more fun than just zipping through it in my head.