You’re an intelligent and spiritual woman who tries to live a healthy and balanced life. Yet, you have a health issue you can’t seem to get past, like acne, headaches, low energy, or digestive issues.

You want a holistic approach, and you want to avoid medications and surgery, if at all possible. You are ready to do what it takes to get to the bottom of your health concerns and finally get better.

Candace Full Body_1Hi! I’m Candace McCallister.

I’m a holistic health practitioner who has been there too, and I love coming alongside other women on the journey. Together, we can dig deeper into what’s really going on so that you can finally feel good in your body again.

I love to work with clients in a truly holistic way – combining functional lab testing with dietary and lifestyle changes, as well as addressing emotional and structural stressors that may be affecting their symptoms. I love to encourage and support my clients who often feel stuck or alone in their health struggles, listen to their stories, and give them the information and support they’ve needed to finally get better.

My Journey Here

I am the daughter of a health food store owner. I thought I had health all figured out by the time I was about 13 years old. I ate lots of fruits and vegetables, didn’t eat hardly any fat, and even became a vegetarian.

I was a shy and low energy child, but I figured that was just my personality. Unfortunately, I started having some minor health issues which continued to get worse through my college years, this mostly involved getting an inordinate number of cavities, along with some other teeth issues. Also, I would get very light-headed upon standing, have terrible stomach cramps after eating certain foods, and suffer extremely painful menstrual cramps.

Throughout these years, I also struggled with many low-grade mental health symptoms, including anxiety, depression, and OCD symptoms.

Still, I considered myself fairly healthy and did not seek much medical treatment. I remained a vegetarian for a full twenty years, even through the pregnancy and nursing with my first two children.

The Struggle Along the Way

Mom&kidsThe first real health wake-up call I experienced was with our firstborn child. I did everything “right” as far as I could tell – I ate healthy (even upping my protein intake during pregnancy), birthed my baby ate home, breastfed him, and made homemade baby food.

But, around the age of 3, my son became frequently inconsolable and could not regulate his emotions well. At a low point, a friend of mine met with me to tell me she did not want her children around him anymore. I was devastated. What had gone wrong? I had done nothing but focus on being a healthy, good momma to my child.

It was then that I learned about food dyes, preservatives, and healthy fats. I began changing my son’s diet, and in turn the whole family’s diet. We started seeing my son come back to his charming self, AND we started seeing other health benefits, too.

My husband’s eczema completely cleared up, never to return again. And all the symptoms I described above pretty much vanished. The most notable change was a mental health change for me. I realized how much what I was eating was affecting my emotional state.

Healing is a Calling For Me

During these years, I also completed a Masters in Counseling. As a result of our amazing success with dietary and lifestyle changes, I decided I wanted to combine my undergraduate focus on biology with my counseling training: I wanted to bring the body and mind together for deeply effective healing.

I pursued training in Thai bodywork, nutrition, and functional lab testing. And I now feel really excited about helping women in a way that is truly holistic. I am now a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Certified Thai Bodywork Practitioner, and a Licensed Counselor in the state of Arkansas (LAC).

I have been able to help my family and myself to have long-term health. I no longer fear ambiguous health symptoms, but I now know how to address them. I have learned how to care for my own body and how to teach others to do the same.

These days, I feel empowered in the health choices that I make. But, more importantly, I feel more connected to the body that God made me, to the natural world around me, and to the rhythms of daily life. This does not mean that my life is free from challenges, but I now feel able to face those challenges in a way that aligns with who God made me to be.

Candace Head Shot_1I Want the Same for You

Feeling better – getting past these symptoms that plague you – is possible!

If you are stuck and need a breakthrough in your health, check out our Health Breakthrough Sessions.

I would love to hear from you! Please contact me at sweetwateroffering@gmail.com.

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About Katie


My Journey

Health, to me, has been as much about the journey as it has the destination, and my journey would have been lacking without the proper guidance along the way. My life has been filled with a beautiful array of mentors that helped me, many of which were family members.  My grandparents gave me a love of food by letting me grow from childhood into adulthood in their gardens and kitchen. My mother taught me the importance of compassion and giving back to others, and my father constantly encouraged me to follow my passions.

My interest in natural health, however, did not necessarily begin at home but at a nursery and a book store. After college I worked at a local nursery tending plants. My favorite spot of the gardens was in the greenhouse where we kept the cooking herbs. Everyday after work I would go to the near-by bookstore to do research on what medicinal properties these herbs held. Eventually I started venturing out to health food stores and herb stores, but honestly, these places always seemed a bit intimidating and overwhelming at the beginning. Natural medicine was a completely new concept for me, and there was so much information to try to decipher. I needed a guide.

I traveled with my husband to Canada where I attended school to become a certified herbalist. My teacher, who was another wonderful mentor of mine, taught not only on herbs, but also about proper nutrition. One day after class I went home and made a list of small, affordable changes we could make in our diet. Things as simple as “buy butter instead of margarine”, or “use olive oil instead of vegetable oil.” These may seem like small steps, but we were on a tight budget and they seemed liked big changes to us. Fast forward many years, and our diets have almost completely changed by making small step by small step.


Now, I have many clients who find themselves in the same place that I use to be… overwhelmed. I feel privileged to be able to understand their frustration and help them find a walkable path to health. There is so much conflicting information available on being healthy, and it is hard to know where to start or what to believe. Sometimes the best choice is to find someone who can help guide you along as you make the decisions that are best for your body.

Whether you are just beginning your journey of natural health and need help determining your first step, or if you have been on this path for awhile, my hope is to be able to help mentor you to find your healthy lifestyle.

  • My background includes:
  • Bachelor degree in Psychology
  • Certified Herbalist
  • Experience with food preparation for multiple food sensitivities
  • Creating a line of natural skin care products
  • 4 years in health food/ alternative medicine industry
  • Formulating herbal supplement
  • Certified Live Blood Analyst
  • Healthy Meal Planning on a budget

I am grateful to all of the mentors who have helped me blossom into the woman I am today. My dream is to return the love by helping others grow into the healthiest version of themselves. I am happy that you are here and hope that we at Sweet Water Offerings will be able to give you direction and mentorship for your journey of health.

Much Love,

Katie Palmer

Click here to contact Katie.