Preparing for Your First Bodywork Session

tbwkristin2One Week Before Your Session…

Take a few minutes to consider areas of your body where you feel pain or tension. Notice specific points of pain in your body or patterns of pain that you notice as you go about your regular daily activities. Then, take a few minutes to fill out this form, that includes a place for you to draw or shade in the pain areas you have identified: REGULAR INTAKE FORM. 

Taking the time to identify the pain patterns in your body ahead of time will help Candace to be prepared to address your specific concerns more directly. Please  e-mail or deliver the form to Candace before the day of your session:

The Day of Your Session…

Wear soft clothing (like a t-shirt and yoga pants or exercise pants). The session will be fully clothed, but it is important that your clothing is not tight or restrictive.

If you are having a session with Thai herbal compress, wear dark clothing (as the compresses may “tea stain” light clothing). Also, if you would like the additional benefit of the herbal compress absorbing through your skin, wear clothes that are loose-fitting and easily moved to expose the skin. 

tbwgailkneesinbackWhat to Expect During Your Session…

Please arrive on time in order to ensure that you will receive the full 90-minute session. 

Candace will discuss your intake form and pain patterns with you at the beginning of the session and help to orient you as to what to expect throughout the bodywork treatment. 

Candace uses a pain scale of 1 to 10 … 1 being nothing and 10 being excruciating pain. She is aiming for a level of 5 or 6, especially when treating tender areas. Your feedback throughout the session is crucial.

Candace will begin with lighter pressure to warm-up the muscles. She will proceed working from the feet towards the head, as is traditional in Thai massage. She will direct you in various positions and stretches to facilitate the release of trigger points. She will encourage to breathe with your diaphragm throughout the session and will direct you in using your breath to help oxygenate your muscles during deep pressure and stretching. This is not a quiet and still experience, as you may be used to in other settings. A Thai massage is very interactive. It will require you to give feedback, to focus on your breathing, and to consciously relax into the pressure. Candace believes that working on the sometimes tender trigger points makes significant difference in the pain relief you will experience. 

If you are having a session with Thai herbal compress… 

tbwstephsideThai Herbal Compress is a traditional Thai treatment that uses a cloth compress filled with common Thai herbs. The compress is heated with steam and then used to apply pressure to the muscles. This treatment is great for particularly tender individuals, as the pressure is more broad and the heat aids in relaxation and release. Additionally, when the compress is directly applied to the skin, the herbs have added benefit as they are absorbed into the body. The compresses can be used many times; when you purchase this type of session, you will receive a set of compresses to take home and use for self-care. 

tbwgailfaceAfter Your Session…

Remember to drink plenty of water in the hours following your session. This helps to flush any toxins out of your body that were released through the pressure. The bodywork and the water will both help to remove stagnation in your body. 

Also, Candace will give you some self-care techniques at the end of your session to help you to treat your pain at home. Continue to use these techniques on a daily basis. In this way, you will hopefully be able to remain vibrant and free of pain without regular bodywork sessions.